Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Cleaning

My lastest fabric arrived!  I'm super excited to get started with me new projects.  One of the fabrics I picked out was sold out by the time they went to cut mine so I will eventually need to make another order for that one, but my current fabric should entertain me for a while.  At least we can hope!

This weekend my community is having their bi-annual community yard sale.  That has been taking up most of my time this week preparing.  I've been going through baby cloths that are going to sold off.  It's a sad day, but it will be nice to clear up some room in the house, slowly but surely.  It feels good to have some spring cleaning in the house, even if it means sewing is put aside for now. 

This is the first time I'm participating in my community yard sale so it should be a fun experience.  Hopefully the kids corporate!  Why am I bringing up the community yard sale you ask?  Well other than preparing for it occupying my time, I'm also looking at it as a marketing/sales avenue.  As part of my wares that I am putting out for sale, I am also going to put out a small sampling of some of my current inventory for people to see.  Perhaps I'll get a sale or two out of the deal.  You never know unless you try!

One other part of spring cleaning I've been working on.  As you've probably noticed, there have been some changes to the website recently.  I'm in the process of reworking a few things on the site and behind the scenes.  One of them being the Stitch Silly logo.  I had a great idea that hasn't really panned out to what I had envisioned so I'm now working on a plan B.  We'll see how this iteration goes! 

I'm curious, am I the only one caught up in the spring cleaning bug or are there others of you out there too getting miscellaneous things in order that you were putting off doing in the cold winter months.  

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