Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Plarn Plarn Plarn Everywhere

The idea of plarn bags is catching on with circles I'm in, mostly due to people seeing my bag of course.  I usually use it mostly for pool and beach activities so it's exposure has been limited to those venues. 

Over the past 3 months I've began training for my first 5K in hopes of potentially becoming some kind of a runner.  This is a completely new adventure for me and has been surprisingly easy to get to the point where I am today.  Most of my hang ups over the years have been to knee problems and then fear of screwing up the then surgically reconstructed knee.  But I digress...

I have a run date every Wednesday with a friend near our daycare.  On the rare occasion that my girlfriend can't make it, or I decide to do a run just before I pick up the children, I stop in school, change and leave my "running bag" (plarn bag of course!) in the principal's office while I run.  I can't tell you the number of comments I get on the bag when I'm there.  People are amazed that it's made out of grocery store bags and that I've made it.  So much so that I'm contemplating creating a grocery bag recycling box there to collect new bags. 

With all this new interest I've been working very hard on the two I'm already working on.  The base of the all target one just about done thanks to my recent shopping trips.  The other bag is probably 4 or 5 ins in height now, so not quite there yet in terms of being proportional to the base, but soon!  I can't wait to share the finish products with you!

Now if only my cousin lived closer I could get her to practice her photography on my products!  You should check out her 30 Photography Challenge that she's doing right now.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Burp Cloth Blitz

I am in a cutting and pinning frenzy of late.  To keep things interesting I decided to do some prep work for my many sewing projects that are piling up on my sewing desk.  This week's activity, burp cloths! 

I always find it funny how long it takes me to actually cut my fabric down to size.  I swear I sit and stare at a piece of fabric for hours making sure the burp cloth dimensions are just right and that I'm minimizing the waste while maximizing the total burp cloths I am creating for a given yardage.

I have a nice stack of burp cloths, pillow cases, blankets, and boppy cover fabric now sitting next to my sewing machine.  Once this pinning it done, then it will be onto the sewing frenzy.  But that is another blitz all together.  Some days I wish I had little mice to help me do my work like Cinderella did, the pile is growing and growing! 

The good news is that I should have some new products I'm considering actually posting on my Etsy page in the near future.  That is if I can keep them stocked long enough to make it worth while.  I'm making things in both girl and boy fabric so chances are high that I'm making something that will fit your needs if you're interested. 

If you're looking for something specific, as always please contact me!  I'm always happy to answer sewing and knitting questions. 

Fear not, the plarn totes are still in the works, I'll be updating you on that progress next week so be sure to stop back then.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Something a Little Different

I mostly talk about my adventures sewing, knitting, or owning a small business here.  Kind of the purpose of having a blog/website linked to a business, right? 

Today I decided to switch it up a little and share a great find I found on Pinterest related to cooking.  I'm up a 4:45 every morning to get my day started.  It is way to early for me to even think about breakfast. So I usually keep bagels and cream cheese at work for my breakfast most mornings.  That can get boring after a while so I was looking for different options.  In comes Pinterest...

Why not make a large batch of breakfast burritos, freeze them, then nuke them when I'm ready to eat?  That's exactly what I did this week.  I bought some tortillas, ground breakfast sausage, and of course some cheese.  I had the other ingredients of potatoes and eggs.

This time around I added to many hash browns, so I think I'll use fewer or just leave them out all together on my next batch.  Other than too many potatoes it's a hit!  I've had them as my breakfast every morning this week and it's been a great change of pace.

I've seen a lot of recipes for a various breakfast burritos.  My theory is, find a list of ingredients you like mix 'em up wrap them and enjoy!  Then of course let me know how it goes!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Draft Post Craziness

I think I have about 400 blog posts in some sort of draft state.  I have been pulled in about 500 different directions of late and feel like I'm getting no where.  Of course, that's what happens when you try to multi-task too much!  To that vain, I'm trying to focus and knock one or two things off a day if possible.  The larger items will take a little longer than that to knock off, but there are several, just hit post type tasks I need to get out the door. 

Therefore, my six-month resolution is to focus a little more and complete a task before moving onto the next one.  So today's goal of letting you know I'm still alive and well on the internet it a goal of mine. 


Whew!  Got that out of the way!  Now if only the rest of my to do list were that easy to accomplish.  Off to try to knock of something else now. 

What's been keeping you busy of late?  Any new exciting patterns or projects on the horizon?
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