Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend Meanderings

This past weekend was not spent on much sewing or knitting.  I'm sorta in the middle of project there right now.  But instead I worked on my other "creative" side and stained my sons new toy box.  This was a great experience for me.  It's still not quite done, I want to stain the inside as well,  but with drying times (6 hours!), I couldn't get two coats on the outside and stain the inside all this weekend.  Perhaps we will have some nice weather this week for me to finish it up.  Here's a picture of the toy box for my son.  It comes in all sorts of finishing and colors, but we decided we wanted an unfinished one so we could make the stain match our furniture.  Not to mention it makes the chest just a little more special and meaningful to us. 

What fun activities did you encounter this weekend?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Work in Progress

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am practicing my crocheting stitches of late.  I've been meaning to post my progress on how it's been going, but unfortunately I haven't been able to take many pictures because I keep having to rip out the product!  It's taken some tweaking to get just the right stitch.  I learned to knit so long ago I don't remember this part of learning.  I've been having a lot of fun with it though.  My first project is just a simple wash cloth or hot pad that I plan to give to my mom.  Once I finally figured out the stitch this weekend I was off to the races and in so much of a zone that didn't think to stop to take pictures.  Sorry!  I will take some pictures this evening so I can show the progress of my work. 

Now that I'm starting to figure out this whole crocheting thing, I'm starting to look for patterns.  I suppose I'm off to Ravelry now...

What's your work in progress right now?

Monday, February 13, 2012


As part of me making more balance in my life, I have cut back my blogging frequency.  I hope you will understand.  But I also hope to have some more interesting blog posts rather than some of my mindless babbling.  I hope you bare with me as I fine tune my balance.  Today we will start with that!

When I logged onto my computer this morning, I started my Monday off with my normal routine, tea, morning banter with several friends then off to check the blogsphere that I so passionately love to read.  As I was checking my comments, I found the most wonderful surprise!  Pasque Flower awarded me a Versitile Blogger Award.  I was so touched! 

As part of the award, I am to share 7 factoids about me, then find 15 lucky awardees myself!

What are my factoids you ask me?  Well....

  1. My mom taught me everything I know about sewing and knitting.
  2. I'm a compulsive learner.  I love the thrill of learning new things and figuring them out
  3. My family is my world, but what wife and mother wouldn't say that!
  4. By education I am an engineer twice over.
  5. I love to problem solve
  6. I have a dream of sailing around the world some day
  7. I am a fish out of water.
Now to nominate my 15 bloggers who I believe are also deserving of this award.  Hmmm this was pretty touch for me, but alas here they are:
  1. The Homespun Loft 
  2. Ambassador Crochet
  3. Coldham Cuddlies
  4. Duni's Studio 
  5. Julie Ann Art 
  6. Keeping It Indie 
  7. Little Cutie Cakes 
  8. Livi Stitches 
  9. Sew Determined 
  10. {lbg studio} 
  11. Market My Shop 
  12. Fabric Fascination 
  13. Stuck in a Zoo 
  14. Inside Inno8ive Knits 
  15. Totally Tutorials
Congrats to some great bloggers!

Monday, February 6, 2012

On the Mend

I've been alluding to a lot of changing going on at Stitch Silly.  I think today I am going to let a few out of the bag.  The biggest one is that quite frankly, I'm burned out.  I took on too much recently and put to much pressure on myself as a result, I've been sick and stressed out. 

What's that mean you ask?  Well, I'm still figuring that out.  One thing is definitely decided, I am making sure I practice what I preach and am making an effort to spend more time with my family and for myself.  That means hitting the gym more!  How will this effect Stitch Silly?  Well for now, that means I will probably slow my production down as I will be spending fewer hours in front of the sewing machine.  I realize that this is a drastic change from my before Christmas push to increase my inventory.  To that I say, things happen, priorities change.  I actually have a few things I would like to post, but I'm in no hurry. 

As I mentioned last week, I have taken up crocheting.  It's quite different from knitting, but very interesting.  My first project is a dish cloth,  you know start with the basics, then practice, practice, practice!  I took a few shots this weekend as I was starting out.  I've since gotten a nice swatch going and hope to continue the progress over the week. 

For those of you who are working a "regular" job in addition to your online shop and are mom's too boot, how do you keep sane?  What's the right balance for you?

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Week without Blogging

Photo from here
For my regular readers, my greatest apologies for my absence this week.  There has been much going on behind the scenes this week.  I'm hoping to put together a plan to share with you all soon, but until then you'll have to wait and see. 

In the meantime, this week I decided to try something new.  I am really learning to crochet.  I've known a stitch or two for some time, but really have never sat down to learn.  So this week I have been spending my evenings struggling with the chain stitch (that first row is always a bear!) and trying to understand the half double stitch.  My first project is going to be a dish cloth, it may take me some time, but I'll get there I'm sure.

I know I have a few crocheters out there, any tips and tricks for a newbie who's pretty good at the whole knitting thing already?  I am going to try to photograph my progress, but we'll see how it looks as I progress if I actually post it.  The product may just be too painful to look at!
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