Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What a Vacation

I'm back!  Did you miss me?  We spent a week at the beach with my extended family and it was wonderful.  It's always nice to get away for a while, but boy is digging out taking it's toll on me!  It's good to be back at work, but that alarm clock keeps ringing too early!  I took my knitting with my on vacation, anticipating finishing one blanket and getting a good way through another.  Boy was I wrong! I didn't even finish one blanket!  I'm glad I was able to get a few new products up before vacation. 

Now that we are back to reality, I'm hoping to get my butt in gear and knit like a mad woman! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

What a Surprise

Since I'm in the process of going on vacation, I had a few blog posts teed up to auto-post while I was away.  Well I went and messed with that one yesterday!  I was planning on writing about my current and upcoming projects, to include these great burp cloths. 

No no no, I couldn't just sit around and let that go, I had to finish, photograph, edit (I even remembered how to add a watermark!), and post them for sale yesterday.  Oopsies?  My bad?  Silly me for being productive when I am sans child!  Don't forget to stop over to the shop to check it out. 

I suppose I will have to think of something else to post while I am away, or you may have to just wait for me to get back.  Only time will tell! 

Since I am in brainstorming mode, are there any products or blog posts you are interested in seeing?  What are you anxiously awaiting from me?  Bring it on people!  Do you want more mommy tips and tricks?  Money saving ideas? Product ideas?  You name it, I want to hear about it!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Feeling Productive

As I mentioned earlier this week, my son is currently spending the week with his grandparents.  He's having a complete blast.  He's been sailing, swimming, and to museums.  And that's just since Monday!  Today he starts his drive to meet us at the beach on Saturday with a stop to visit some family friends on the way.  God bless my parents for the time they are able to spend with him. 

This is literally the first time that I've been away from my son for this long of time.  Last summer I was still nursing, albeit occasionally, so it was hard to be away for long periods of time.  My husband and I are trying to take advantage of all the extra time on our hands.  I've been getting into work earlier so I can leave earlier, reading, relaxing, and trying to spend some quality time with my husband.
Farm Animal Burp Cloths

Yesterday I took advantage of the free time to spend some extra time sewing while my husband went to the gym.  While he was there I was able to do the first step of sewing five burp cloths.  These burp cloths are very similar to these that I currently have for sale in my shop.  Instead of farm animals they are zoo animals, and are light yellow with a pale yellow terry cloth backing to soak up those spills.  Super cute in my humble opinion.  Tonight I plan to finish the top stitching.  I might even go a little crazy and post them for sale soon, who knows!

I know this extra productive time is going to be short lived, but I'm going to try to enjoy it while it lasts.  Up next maybe some extra progress on the knitting I was referring to this week as well. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Have you Seen It?

I'm happy to report and show off my latest product!  Late last week I was able to post my newest boppy cover.  I'm super happy with it.  I think it one of my favorite patterns.  Fingers crossed it will keep me moving on posting new products more regularly. 

In that regard, I'm happy to report that I was able to make significant progress on my next product this past weekend.  I was in a training session for my "real job" that I knew was going to be a death by power point, so I took my knitting along for the ride.  Wahoo for 6 hours of knitting!  Not to mention I was able to get another few solid hours in after spending the weekend visiting my parents and leaving my son to visit with them for the week.  If I play my cards right I will have it done on my vacation drive this coming weekend. 

What new products have you seen or created recently?   I want to see links.  Help me feed my Pinterest addiction!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

I have some exciting news today.  While it took me longer than I expected, I finished my latest product just this morning.  I have it all set up and ready to be photographed this evening.  It is a new boppy cover, which I am currently lacking in the store front.  I am super excited about this pattern.  It is super cute, unfortunately, it will be the only product with this pattern as the fabric is completely sold out from my supplier.  In that case it will make this boppy super special for the person who buys it.  They'll be the only one with the design! 

Hopefully while I have my camera out tonight I will be able to snap some shots of other works in progress.  The blanket that I am knitting for my son is making great progress.  I'm trying to focus my time on that right now since I have just over 3 more months until it needs to be complete.  I'm trying to stick to my schedule of knitting at least 1.5 rows per day to get it done in time, but unfortunately the time gobblins and the exhaustion fairies have been visiting our house recently.  They are tricky little fellows I tell you! 

Once this sewing project is complete and posted on my Etsy store front, I am going to have to look into what other projects are in my fabric drawer for the creating.  I think I have some burp cloths that are in the works, but I'm not sure.  I love shopping in my own house, it's like Christmas!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Vacation Planning

Mini Crochet Baskets
By celebrating the 4th this week, I finally kicked myself into high gear towards preparing for our annual family vacation in a few weeks.  I'm the family planner so I have started the grocery list (divided out by department - for the most part), our packing list, our eating list, toy list, well any kind of list you can imagine, I've probably thought it through.  There are going to be 16 of us this year, which is fewer than last, but still should be a blast. 

As a result of my list making, I have been spending far to much time on Pinterest of late.  But in my research I came across some really good items I thought I would share.  Who knows some of them may even be product inspiration one of these days!

These Mini Crochet Baskets from Design Sponge are so adorable.  They are perfect for keeping your little things organized.  I could almost see using a larger crochet needle and maybe some plarn to make larger ones. 
New Sew Doggie Bed

Don't forget about Fido with this McCall's pattern for a no sew doggie bed.  I've used this concept on so many other projects, I had never thought to use it to make a dog bed.  Our dog has a bed that's about 4 or 5 years old.  She might be ready for a DIY upgrade soon! 

Car Seat Pillows
Finally, these caught my eye especially with the impending 7 - 9 hour car ride we are about to endure.  SuperJen talks about these wonderful car seat pillows for your kids so they don't look as painful when the finally fall fast asleep on the car ride.  Maybe with these it won't look like my son's head is disconnected from his body.  I suppose I should sew one up to see!

Those are some of my great craft related Pinterest finds recently.  I have found so many more interesting things to try.  Such as recipes for countless cleaning products, which I intend to try soon.  I'll give you a bit of secret, most homemade cleaning products use some combination of borax, vinegar, baking soda, or water.  Depending one what you are cleaning, other ingredients are required, but if you have a supply of these in your house, you are a step in the right direction.  Especially if you plan to make some home made Gak!

Monday, July 2, 2012

What a weekend!

We had quite the weekend here.  Friday night started out with a bang, literally.  Many parts of the country, including the DC area were rocked with severe thunder storms and high winds.  There were gusts in Dayton, OH that measured 82 mph.  By the time the storm reached us, it had calmed down to a mere 76mph!  Our entire house shook during one wind gust.
This is a photo taken on Massachusetts Ave near the Vice Presidents home.

With the terrible weather, it put a huge damper on most weekend activities.  Even today, three days later, some people are still without power.  There are some predictions that people won't have power until this coming weekend.  We were lucky, out lights flickered long enough to cycle power on the cable boxes, but not our clocks.  We did loose cell phone service for most of the morning on Saturday, but that was it.
There were several deaths due to the storm.  Due to trees falling on homes. 

Were any of you effected by the weekend storms or are you shocked to hear my weekend festivities?

Photo credits
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