Friday, July 6, 2012

Vacation Planning

Mini Crochet Baskets
By celebrating the 4th this week, I finally kicked myself into high gear towards preparing for our annual family vacation in a few weeks.  I'm the family planner so I have started the grocery list (divided out by department - for the most part), our packing list, our eating list, toy list, well any kind of list you can imagine, I've probably thought it through.  There are going to be 16 of us this year, which is fewer than last, but still should be a blast. 

As a result of my list making, I have been spending far to much time on Pinterest of late.  But in my research I came across some really good items I thought I would share.  Who knows some of them may even be product inspiration one of these days!

These Mini Crochet Baskets from Design Sponge are so adorable.  They are perfect for keeping your little things organized.  I could almost see using a larger crochet needle and maybe some plarn to make larger ones. 
New Sew Doggie Bed

Don't forget about Fido with this McCall's pattern for a no sew doggie bed.  I've used this concept on so many other projects, I had never thought to use it to make a dog bed.  Our dog has a bed that's about 4 or 5 years old.  She might be ready for a DIY upgrade soon! 

Car Seat Pillows
Finally, these caught my eye especially with the impending 7 - 9 hour car ride we are about to endure.  SuperJen talks about these wonderful car seat pillows for your kids so they don't look as painful when the finally fall fast asleep on the car ride.  Maybe with these it won't look like my son's head is disconnected from his body.  I suppose I should sew one up to see!

Those are some of my great craft related Pinterest finds recently.  I have found so many more interesting things to try.  Such as recipes for countless cleaning products, which I intend to try soon.  I'll give you a bit of secret, most homemade cleaning products use some combination of borax, vinegar, baking soda, or water.  Depending one what you are cleaning, other ingredients are required, but if you have a supply of these in your house, you are a step in the right direction.  Especially if you plan to make some home made Gak!

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