Friday, July 20, 2012

What a Surprise

Since I'm in the process of going on vacation, I had a few blog posts teed up to auto-post while I was away.  Well I went and messed with that one yesterday!  I was planning on writing about my current and upcoming projects, to include these great burp cloths. 

No no no, I couldn't just sit around and let that go, I had to finish, photograph, edit (I even remembered how to add a watermark!), and post them for sale yesterday.  Oopsies?  My bad?  Silly me for being productive when I am sans child!  Don't forget to stop over to the shop to check it out. 

I suppose I will have to think of something else to post while I am away, or you may have to just wait for me to get back.  Only time will tell! 

Since I am in brainstorming mode, are there any products or blog posts you are interested in seeing?  What are you anxiously awaiting from me?  Bring it on people!  Do you want more mommy tips and tricks?  Money saving ideas? Product ideas?  You name it, I want to hear about it!

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