Wednesday, February 27, 2013


My youngest is sick, yet again.  This time he is "kicked" out of daycare until he gets better, stupid rules and regulations that they have to follow.  Since I've been home, I've been able to get some work done on the website, photo editing, and yes, even some sewing.  My chenille blanket is almost complete.  I have about 30 more rows to sew.  Then comes squaring the blanket up and adding some satin blanket binding. 

I took a few pictures this morning of my progress since I've been asked on several occasions how the blanket is progressing.

The first picture is of my general row stitching on the bottom of the blanket.  My stitching has gotten a lot better as I've progressed.  I think more so to the technique I used marker where I am supposed to sew and developed in the process.  My first few rows were not as straight as I would like them to be.  This project has been a large practice in keeping a steady hand if nothing else. 

The second picture is of some of the rows I've already cut.  Now that I'm on the home stretch, I'm starting to cut and sew as I go, so this is just a sample of that.  It already looks great and I haven't even washed it yet to let it get softer.

Finally, the last picture is of the top with the Disney Cars theme that my oldest son is really into right now.  I like that the stitched rows are subtle so the fabric can really shine. 

I'm so close to being done, I can taste it.  Now to get the dog off the blanket so I can continue working on it. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

And We're back in Action...

Good News: I fixed my sewing machine! 

Bad News: I couldn't begin to tell you what I did to fix it, it just worked when I went to try to tinker with it again.

I was really hoping to right a tutorial for you all, but when things just start working again, I'm not sure how to document that other than to just start sewing again.  Which I quickly did! 

I also started what I'm going to call my hubby project.  As anyone who knows me, I do not sit still well at all.  I am usually doing at least two things at a time; be it nursing and reading, reading and watching TV (Yes, I love to read), knitting and hanging out with my boys, the list goes on. 

Now that our littlest is getting into a more predictive routine I'm trying to spend more time with the hubs, you know we did get married for a reason and might want to spend some time together.  Crazy to think, I know, but we like to be unconventional that way. Anyways...

I decided instead of holing myself up into my sewing room all the time, I could spend some time with him in the evenings while working a non-sewing project.  I decided I'm going to surprise a friend of mine ( I don't think she reads this blog, so hopefully it will still be a surprise) with a plarn bag.  We'll see if this bag turns out in comparison to my original.  I'm in the wonderful cutting stage at this point so no photos of the progress as off yet.  

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Eeek Sewing Problems

Ok, so I need some help today!  I was sewing a long this weekend, finally stealing my son's nap blanket fabric away to sew it and working on that notorious chenille Cars blanket.  When crash, the bottom thread kept getting tangled!  I cannot for the life of me figure out what is causing this. 

I checked...

the bobbin: nope thread is wound tight. 

for build up in the opening in the sewing machine: some build up, cleaned it out and tried again.  Still no luck.

the tension: adjusting it didn't make a difference

the needle: I changed it, still the same problem. 

I tried sample swatches with less fabric.  The only thing I haven't tried yet, was switching up the stitch to see if that knocks some sense into me sewing machine.  I don't know if my machine has a lower tension adjustment as I've never had to use it. 

I can't imagine my machine is at its end of life, it's only 6 years old!  Hopefully I'll be able to figure out this glitch soon, I was starting to get into a good groove recently.  Please bring on your suggestions!  Once I do figure it out, sounds like a tutorial might be in the works on how to fix it, that if it's something I actually do to fix it instead of an automagically working again.  Until then bring on the suggestions, I'm anxious to get back to sewing again.

Monday, February 11, 2013

When Plans Go Awry

A few months ago I bought some fabric to make my son a new nap blanket.  I have been too busy to actually sew it, other than laying it out (on multiple occasions, mind you).  This weekend I tried yet again with my son in the sewing room with me.  Let me tell you, big mistake!   He wanted to cuddle, sleep on it, be covered under it.  In other words, everything that is counter productive to cutting a straight line to begin pinning it down.  It's minky so it will hold up to the abuse that it is currently being put through, which usually includes a certain someone carrying it all over the house and laying on it.  It's good to know that he will like it when it is eventually done, but it doesn't help in actually getting there. 

Until that time, I suppose I will have to bide my time and develop and plan to sneak fabric away from him to do some much needed sewing on it...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Birthday Planning

Image from kommunicated
My oldest turns 3 next week.  I can't believe it!  Where has the time gone.  He is no longer a baby or a toddler, but a little boy.  I look at him and am so happy with the type of person he is turning into, I just hope it sticks as he gets older.  His birthday is always hard to plan for because he is my Valentine.  I'm constantly struggling it how to manage the Valentine's Day part with making his day special.  We are having some friends over for a party on the weekend and school is having a Valentine's Day party so it will be festive if nothing else.  Today I am going shopping for the valentine's cards (fingers crossed I will do glow sticks this year - thank you Pinterest!) and this weekend I plan to work with him to make his Valentine box for school. 

This year instead of a normal shoe box, I'm using one of my fabric shipment boxes from one of my latest orders and fingers crossed am going to make a Lighting McQueen Valentine/Birthday box.  Of course with a 3 year old helping, I will be lucky to wrap the box in red construction paper.  No matter what it this weekend will be a fun craft weekend between making/printing the actual Valentines and making the box.

Of course, I still have yet to finish his blanket.  Remind me never to attempt quilting!  I have been working on it, but only a few rows at a time.  I'm getting more opportunities to work on it now that my surge in orders has subsided, for now.  I say this now and I'll blink and my order queue will fill up again so maybe I should get busy!

Now that we are a week away, what are you Valentine plans or activities you have scheduled?
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