Monday, February 25, 2013

And We're back in Action...

Good News: I fixed my sewing machine! 

Bad News: I couldn't begin to tell you what I did to fix it, it just worked when I went to try to tinker with it again.

I was really hoping to right a tutorial for you all, but when things just start working again, I'm not sure how to document that other than to just start sewing again.  Which I quickly did! 

I also started what I'm going to call my hubby project.  As anyone who knows me, I do not sit still well at all.  I am usually doing at least two things at a time; be it nursing and reading, reading and watching TV (Yes, I love to read), knitting and hanging out with my boys, the list goes on. 

Now that our littlest is getting into a more predictive routine I'm trying to spend more time with the hubs, you know we did get married for a reason and might want to spend some time together.  Crazy to think, I know, but we like to be unconventional that way. Anyways...

I decided instead of holing myself up into my sewing room all the time, I could spend some time with him in the evenings while working a non-sewing project.  I decided I'm going to surprise a friend of mine ( I don't think she reads this blog, so hopefully it will still be a surprise) with a plarn bag.  We'll see if this bag turns out in comparison to my original.  I'm in the wonderful cutting stage at this point so no photos of the progress as off yet.  

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