Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Wow...what a whirl wind!  My big move is finally over, so we are slowly putting our life back together.  Stitch Silly included!  I'm off to buy some fabric for a new product line today in fact!  Now if only I can find my sewing machine...

While I'm still digging out let's see what is going on around the blogsphere:

One Perfect Day  has a tutorial today on creating Christmas brooches. 

Pasque Flower Ponderings shows of her latest products.

Finally, Crafty Little Gnome has a tutorial on making rice therapy bags.

What tutorials do you have to share?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

I had originally planned on posting the second in my series on your business plan today.  But moving, thanksgiving, and family travel has severely put a damper on my computer time.  It's all for the best, but the temporary hiccup in my posting frequency is still frustrating to me.  The business plan post will have to wait until next week.  In the meantime, to those of you who are Black Friday bargain hunters, happy deal hunting!

I have been busy in my knitting however.  I just finished a great winter hat and am working on a scarf at the moment.  I am hoping that they will be my first products photographed in my new studio next week!  I am looking forward to getting down to work after almost a month of having my sewing machine packed away.  I have a few ordered in the queue already.  Will you be next to request a custom order? 

What do you have in your sewing, knitting, or craft queue?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Talk to Me Tuesdays! - Unique You

Ok, so this week it's talk to me Wednesdays, I must apologize for the late posting, but with the closing of our home and Thanksgiving travels, I've gotten a bit behind.  So let me give today's interview it's proper due.  Unique You has some fantastic products for children.  I especially love her t-shirt ties. 

Stitch Silly: Tell me a little about yourself.

Unique You:  I started testing some of my items on Etsy a little while ago, but in August decided to close my online boutique and sell exclusively on Etsy. I have 2 small kids and really enjoy creating children's clothes. 

SS: How did you get started on Etsy?

UY: We're pretty health conscious in my family so using Eco-friendly fabrics made a lot of sense, especially since everything else on the market that's organic was very plain and simple. I enjoy using colorful fabrics and creating retro/vintage style clothes. Having my own shop allows me to work from home during my free time and going at my own pace.  

SS:  What is your favorite part of being your own boss?

UY: I do this more as a hobby than a source of income, as I am also a Marriage and Family Therapist. This way, if my items are not selling the way I'd like, I don't get upset about it. I do it more for the enjoyment of being creative. 

SS:  What is you greatest success since joining Etsy?

UY:  My greatest success since joining Etsy is receiving a picture of the baby boy wearing a shirt I created. This was my first sale and it brought me joy to see how cute he looks in it. It can be seen in the "feedback" section of my shop. 

SS:  What are you two favorite products in your shop?

UY:  My 2 favorite products in my shop are the Bamboo Peacock Flare Dress and the OOAK Bamboo Heirloom Blanket. 

SS:  What would you most like to improve?

UY: I'd like to be seen more on Etsy and am currently working on revamping my tags so I can be found more frequently.

SS:  What is your ultimate goal for your Etsy shop?

UY:  My ultimate goal for my Etsy shop is to list a total of 100 items in my shop and increase the number of visitors who see my shop on a daily basis.

Want to learn more about Unique You?  Check her out virtually here:
Follow me on Twitter: Organicbabyz
Like me on Facebook at

Friday, November 18, 2011

Business Plans

Courtesy Flickr
Do you have a business plan for your business?  You do?  That's fantastic!  Now, do you go back and reference it occasionally to update it as necessary?  No?  Why not?  You should!  Keep reading and learn why. 

You don't even have a business plan?  Why not?  Let's make today your day to get that business plan kick started. 

I will fully admit, I didn't think through the whole starting a business thing when I decided to open up my Etsy shop in May.  I simply dove into the environment because I had a few things I wanted to get off my hands and thought that Etsy was a great low risk method to sell the items I had available.  I quickly realized that this was something I really wanted to grab onto and try to build into a true business. 

Once I made this epiphany I began researching what I needed to create a successful business.  The number one thing on my list was to develop a business plan.  Why you ask?  The business plan is a living document that you need to use to plan how your business is going to run.  Many people avoid the business plan like the plague, or even worse, they put in the time and effort to write one, but then never look at it again.

Don't let this happen to you!  As your business grows and therefore you business plan changes and adapts, it will really become a strategic plan for your business.  In my  research I saw many templates for business plans, some were more helpful than others.  For me, thinking of my business plan more of the strategic plan on how I am going to grow and expand my business not just a check box type plan that will sit and collect dust.

I'm now in my seven month of operation, I decided a business plan/strategic review is necessary for my own benefit.  At the on-set a frequent review of this document is most prudent.  Continuous pulse checks to make sure you are not completely off the band wagon of your initial vision is important in a young business.  Once you are more established, the frequency of your reviews is less.  

What did I learn from reviewing my business plan?  Stop back next week to see my self analysis!

Until then, where do you land on the business plan spectrum?  Do you have one?  Is it helpful?  Do you review it?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Have you Noticed?

Have you noticed the recent change to Stitch Silly?  We now are on our own domain!  For those of you who come from, you will automatically be redirected to, but please feel free to update you're bookmarks! 

I mentioned last week in a post that I was working to design a stand alone website that incorporated all of Stitch Silly's offerings.  I thought that I had everything in order, but once I decided to move forward with it, there were come hidden expenses associated with the web design that I wasn't prepared to take on.  Instead, we went with out own domain and will work to make the website more informative. 

Speaking of making it more informative,my Facebook friends already know this, but Stitch Silly is now doing parties!  Parties you ask?  Well, think old school Tupperware parties, or new school pampered chef parties.  You go to these parties to hang out with the girls, and sometimes buy a few products right?  Well, why not get a group of friends together to all learn to knit? 

If you're interested in, contact us for more information.

In the mean time, I'm still waiting to hear from you, the readers.  What are your most burning questions you have for me?  Are you dying to know something about me?  How Stitch Silly operates?  What's making me successful now?  Bring 'em on, folks!  I want to hear all about it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Talk to Me Tuesday's - Brenda's Handmade

Are you ready for the Christmas spirit?  Well today's featured shop is perfect to start your Christmas shopping.  She really has some great needle point work featured on her shop.  I highly recommend you check her out!

Stitch Silly: Tell me a little about yourself
Brenda's Handmade: My name is Brenda Melendez.  I'm a stay at home mom with 3 kids: a 15 year old boy, 12 year old girl, and a 4 year old son. I'm kept busy running my kids around back and forth to school, music lessons, and dance. I also interpret for a Deaf woman at our church.

SS: How did you get started with Etsy?:

BH: My mom and some ladies from church taught me to crochet, embroider, and needlepoint when I was a young girl. I started my own craft business in 2003 as a way to supplement my husband's income, but I didn't really know where to sell my things. When I heard about Etsy(I unfortunately don't remember how I first heard about it), I thought it would be a perfect place to sell what I make.

SS: What is your favorite part of being your own boss?

BH: I like being my own boss because I have the flexibility to work whatever hours I can, around my kids' schedules.

SS: What are your 2 favorite products in your shop:

BH: My two favorite products in my shop are my dirty/clean magnets 

SS: What is your greatest success since joining Etsy

BH: My greatest success has been just recently.  In March, I received a custom order for several St. Patrick's Day pins, and that customer just contacted me last week, wanting a custom order for several breast cancer awareness pins.

SS: What do you want most to improve?:

BH: My biggest  challenge is taking pictures of my items. I've tried taking the pictures in just about every room in the house at various times of the day, but there always seems to be a shadow in the picture. So, it would be great if I could learn to take better pictures, or if someone lived close by that would be willing to take the pictures for me.

SS:  What is your ultimate goal for your Etsy shop?

BH: My ultimate goal for my Etsy shop is to have a lot more consistent orders every month, and to have more big custom orders.

SS: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

BH: I don't know because I always end up biting it and chewing the rest.

How can others reach you?
Etsy shop:

Are you interested in being featured on Stitch Silly?  Please feel free to contact us to set up an interview!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!  I hope you are all rested, relaxed, and ready for a fun filled weekend.  Mine was filled with packing and a wonderful surprise.  I was sitting enjoying some time with my husband yesterday when I suddenly received an email notification from both my personal and Stitch Silly email accounts.  I was completely perplexed, initially I thought that it was spam emails coming in. 

What to my surprise when I finally grabbed my phone and check me email accounts.  No sirre, I had just made a sale!  What was better, I don't even know the person!  I was super excited.  Of course the item that was ordered was already packed away ready for our move, but for a sale, I gladly dug through my boxes to find it.  I am super excited to put the package in the mail for my latest customer! 

On a completely different note, I would like to do another series similar to my create your own account system series, but before I pick my latest series, I'd like to hear from my readers.  What are you dieing to learn about and can't quite figure out.  Leave a comment and I'll do the research and share here

Friday, November 11, 2011


First, I must apologize for my absence this week.  I have been fighting a head cold all week and have barely been able to focus, let alone write a reasonable post.  I've started the same post probably a dozen times and it's still sitting here in draft mode.  Therefore I decided a fresh start would set me straight.  I'm still fighting the cold, but with the realization that we need to have almost the everything packed by the middle of next week, I need to end me cold pity party and just focus!

While my packing hasn't been making the necessary progress (the whole kitchen still needs attacked!), I have been very productive in my knitting.  I shipped the scarf to my mother in law this week, I really hope she likes it.  I thought it turned out great.  I also have figured out the kid hat pattern that I was commissioned to make.  I'm making two of these, one for a little girl and one for a little boy for Christmas presents.  I'm doing each one slightly different so they aren't too matchy.  I may the boy one a little shorter so it doesn't fold over, to me that just seems a little more boy-ish.  For the girl one, I am going to weave some pink into it for some slight flair.  I just started the girl one last night so hopefully I'll be able to photograph them and post them here soon. 

I actually finished the boys one last week, but it ended up being too small so I had to rip it apart and start again.  That's what happens when you create your own patterns!  It takes a few iterations before the pattern is perfect.  I think I have some extra yarn so I may make a few extra hats to post soon.  Keep your eyes pealed, I'm on a knitting frenzy!

Speaking of knitting frenzies.  Did you see the announcement on our Facebook page earlier this week?  You didn't?  Hope on over and like us there to see what the buzz is about.  I'll give you a hint.  If you're local, you'll love it!  If you're not local, did you know that Stitch Silly now ships internationally?  Just email or send us a convo on Etsy for shipping information. 

Finally, as those of you who follow me regularly know, I have a soft spot in my heart for the men and women who serve to protect our freedom here in the U.S..  For them, I am eternally grateful for their service.  It is because of them, I can do what I do.  So thank you to all the veterans out there today.  I salute you!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Talk to me Tuesdays! - Jewelry by Scotti

Aqua Crystal Earrings
Today we are talking with Scotti Cohn from Jewelry by Scotti.  I must say, her jewelry is pretty remarkable.  I simply love her stuff.  Jewelry is an art that I will always leave to others, but I love to admire it and of course wear it!  Let's here what she has to say. 
Stitch Silly: Tell me a little about yourself.
Jewelry by Scotti: I am originally from Illinois, but I have also lived in Minnesota and North Carolina, and I now live in South Carolina. I have two grown children and five cats. When I'm not making jewelry, I write children's books and nonfiction books for older children and adults about American history. My favorite color is purple. I play piano and guitar. A few of my favorite things are: music, animals, astrology, iced Chai tea lattes, and going to the beach.

SS: How did you get started with Etsy?
JS: Once I started making jewelry, I made far more than I could wear myself or give to family and friends. I knew about Etsy, and it seemed like the perfect place to share my creations.

SS: What is your favorite part of being your own boss?
JS: My favorite part of being my own boss is being able to schedule my time however I want to. I don't have to be at a desk in some building somewhere at a certain time every morning. I can work for any amount of time on any day, and I can take time off whenever I want to. 

SS: What are your 2 favorite products in your shop?
Green Lace and Orange Drops Bracelet
JS: Two of my favorite products in my shop are my Aqua Crystal Earrings ( and my Green Lace and Orange Drops Bracelet (

SS: What is your greatest success since joining Etsy?
JS: I can't point to one thing as my greatest success, but I am very pleased by the positive feedback I have received from customers on Etsy.

SS: What do you most want to improve?
JS: I want to improve my jewelry making techniques in all areas, and continue to learn new techniques.

SS: What is your ultimate goal for your Etsy shop?
JS: I would like my shop to get as much exposure as possible, and to experience a steady stream of customers.

SS: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
JS: It depends on who's doing the licking!

How can others reach you? Facebook? Website? Blog?
Twitter: @scotti_cohn
Are you interested in being interviewed by Stitch Silly?  We have opening coming soon, feel free to email me if you are interested.  

Monday, November 7, 2011

Time to Fall Back

I hope everyone enjoyed their "extra hour of sleep" this weekend.  I was woken up nice and early this morning because we forgot to change one of our alarm clocks.  Not so much fun, but that's OK.  I survived!

With our current focus on packing and my sewing stuff packed, I've had some time to focus on where I want to take Stitch Silly.  I've come up with some great ideas.  One that I am working on right now is a formal website for Stitch Silly.  I had thought it was going to be a significant expense, but after some research it won't be as bad as I thought.  I'm working on a website design right now.  Keep your eyes pealed for the new site.  I am going to try to link this blog, the website, and my Etsy store together without it looking all weird.  Once everything is up and running, I'd love to hear your feedback on usability of the new site(s).

I'm also working on another plan for a new business line for Stitch Silly.  I'm working to iron it out this week and will make an announcement soon.

What did you do to celebrate falling back?  

Thursday, November 3, 2011

When did this happen?

Is it Thursday already?  When did that happen? With the turn of the month, I have been busy preparing my monthly financial reports so I can file my monthly sale tax report with the state.  Reviewing everything I came to an interesting revelation. 

Stitch Silly now has more liquid assets than debts to be paid off.  The debt is all towards me personally so I'm not in a huge rush to pay myself back.  When I wrote my business plan I stated that I would do it in the first 18 months of operation and here I am just starting month seven and I am basically there.  It's pretty exciting! 

In fact it's very motivating, but because of our upcoming move, all my sewing stuff is packed!  What's a girl to do?  Well in my case, I'm knitting up a storm!  I just finished a scarf for my mother-in-law.  I hope she likes it.  I plan to photograph it tonight to share with you soon. 

What's next?  Some fun chunky hats for kids!   This is the first pattern I am creating completely from scratch for someone.  I was shown a picture that someone wanted and after looking at it told them I could do something like that.  The idea is pretty easy, the hats are just going to be chunky ribbed pom hats, but it's the sizing that has been the challenge for me.  I'm using bulky yarn and big needles so it should be a quick knit, so it shouldn't be long for me to figure out if it's going to fit. 

How have you figured out sizing in the past?  Any advice or recommendations?  While your commenting and pondering this, stop over and check out these great posts from yesterday and today. 

Pasque Flower Creations -Pasque interviewed a great fiber artist.  Check out some of the great pictures or her work.

Livi Stitches - Livi shows us how to do a finishing seam with both a regular sewing machine and a serger.  I only have a sewing machine myself so this was a great tutorial to learn how to properly finish using the zig-zag stitch.  I didn't realize that you had to get that close to the edge of the seam. 

Julie Ann Art - Julie Ann shows us some great DIY ideas for leaf decorations.  With fall in full swing here on the east coast I thought it was very appropriate. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Talk to Me Tuesdays! - KnittingNY

Today we continue the knitting theme with another great knitter.  I love her designs.  They are incredibly creative and adorable.  My favorites are her cup holders for you coffee mug.  As a special treat for my readers, KnittingNY has graciously offered a coupon code for her shop for 10% off your purchase.  Use coupon code: StitchSilly

Stitch Silly: Tell me a little about yourself.

KnittingNY: Well, I'm a 34 year-old wife and mom who's a bit addicted to yarn and knitting.   I work part-time in a local pharmacy and when I'm not there I'm usually working on my Etsy store, reading, or hanging out with my family... fortunately, I can pretty-much knit while doing all of those things, haha. 

SS: How did you get started with Etsy?

KNY: A friend of mine had told me about her Etsy shop and explained the whole site to me, I checked it out for myself and I was hooked!  

SS: What is your favorite part of being your own boss?

KNY: Knowing that the success or failure of my shop is totally on me... I'm the only one who can take control of what happens with it.  I can do what I want with the shop and take the risks that I want to take.

SS: What are your 2 favorite products in your shop?

KNY: My new Rosewood Knitted Fingerless Gloves and my Purple Monster Hat.

SS: What is your greatest success since joining Etsy?

KNY: You know, I don't know if it was my first sale or the feedback from my first sale.  Both really made my day and I think they've both really helped my shop get a little more traffic. 
SS: What do you most want to improve?

KNY: The variety of items that I make and sell.  I'm always open to suggestions! Flirt-male

SS: What is your ultimate goal for your Etsy shop?

KNY: To sell as much as I can and to have FUN with it and make a ton of friends along the way!

SS: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

KNY: Oh jeez, I'm impatient - after about 6 licks I just start crunching, haha!

How can others reach you? Facebook? Website? Blog?
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