Friday, November 11, 2011


First, I must apologize for my absence this week.  I have been fighting a head cold all week and have barely been able to focus, let alone write a reasonable post.  I've started the same post probably a dozen times and it's still sitting here in draft mode.  Therefore I decided a fresh start would set me straight.  I'm still fighting the cold, but with the realization that we need to have almost the everything packed by the middle of next week, I need to end me cold pity party and just focus!

While my packing hasn't been making the necessary progress (the whole kitchen still needs attacked!), I have been very productive in my knitting.  I shipped the scarf to my mother in law this week, I really hope she likes it.  I thought it turned out great.  I also have figured out the kid hat pattern that I was commissioned to make.  I'm making two of these, one for a little girl and one for a little boy for Christmas presents.  I'm doing each one slightly different so they aren't too matchy.  I may the boy one a little shorter so it doesn't fold over, to me that just seems a little more boy-ish.  For the girl one, I am going to weave some pink into it for some slight flair.  I just started the girl one last night so hopefully I'll be able to photograph them and post them here soon. 

I actually finished the boys one last week, but it ended up being too small so I had to rip it apart and start again.  That's what happens when you create your own patterns!  It takes a few iterations before the pattern is perfect.  I think I have some extra yarn so I may make a few extra hats to post soon.  Keep your eyes pealed, I'm on a knitting frenzy!

Speaking of knitting frenzies.  Did you see the announcement on our Facebook page earlier this week?  You didn't?  Hope on over and like us there to see what the buzz is about.  I'll give you a hint.  If you're local, you'll love it!  If you're not local, did you know that Stitch Silly now ships internationally?  Just email or send us a convo on Etsy for shipping information. 

Finally, as those of you who follow me regularly know, I have a soft spot in my heart for the men and women who serve to protect our freedom here in the U.S..  For them, I am eternally grateful for their service.  It is because of them, I can do what I do.  So thank you to all the veterans out there today.  I salute you!


  1. Good luck with your packing! I'm sure it's not easy when your not feeling well (it's not so grand when you're well, either). Choose a room a day, or half day depending on your number of rooms. Go armed with markers, boxes, trash bags and cleaning supplies. Also take a small snack and a large bottle of water to keep yourself refreshed. Set the alarm and stay in the room until it goes off. You'll be amazed at how much packing you can get done when you're prepped and focused. Voice of Experience here - 4 moves in 10 years.

  2. Concur with all that advice - and having done nearly 30 moves in 42 years of being married, think I can say I've been there, done it, earned the tee shirt and got the degree!

    Get well soon - up the Vit.C. When I was in Canada, there was a lot of talk about taking Vit C as a the cure for the common cold. While I cannot say it cures, it damn sure keeps them away. Haven't had one in about five years now (and I used to suffer like you sound you have been) and that's thanks to 1,000mg a day, every day, 365 days a year! Try it!


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