Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Talk to Me Tuesdays! - Unique You

Ok, so this week it's talk to me Wednesdays, I must apologize for the late posting, but with the closing of our home and Thanksgiving travels, I've gotten a bit behind.  So let me give today's interview it's proper due.  Unique You has some fantastic products for children.  I especially love her t-shirt ties. 

Stitch Silly: Tell me a little about yourself.

Unique You:  I started testing some of my items on Etsy a little while ago, but in August decided to close my online boutique and sell exclusively on Etsy. I have 2 small kids and really enjoy creating children's clothes. 

SS: How did you get started on Etsy?

UY: We're pretty health conscious in my family so using Eco-friendly fabrics made a lot of sense, especially since everything else on the market that's organic was very plain and simple. I enjoy using colorful fabrics and creating retro/vintage style clothes. Having my own shop allows me to work from home during my free time and going at my own pace.  

SS:  What is your favorite part of being your own boss?

UY: I do this more as a hobby than a source of income, as I am also a Marriage and Family Therapist. This way, if my items are not selling the way I'd like, I don't get upset about it. I do it more for the enjoyment of being creative. 

SS:  What is you greatest success since joining Etsy?

UY:  My greatest success since joining Etsy is receiving a picture of the baby boy wearing a shirt I created. This was my first sale and it brought me joy to see how cute he looks in it. It can be seen in the "feedback" section of my shop. 

SS:  What are you two favorite products in your shop?

UY:  My 2 favorite products in my shop are the Bamboo Peacock Flare Dress and the OOAK Bamboo Heirloom Blanket. 

SS:  What would you most like to improve?

UY: I'd like to be seen more on Etsy and am currently working on revamping my tags so I can be found more frequently.

SS:  What is your ultimate goal for your Etsy shop?

UY:  My ultimate goal for my Etsy shop is to list a total of 100 items in my shop and increase the number of visitors who see my shop on a daily basis.

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  1. Thank you Andrea for the feature! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

  2. Tanya, my pleasure. You have such a great shop, best of luck with it. I know I will be stopping back frequently to check it out!


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