Monday, February 11, 2013

When Plans Go Awry

A few months ago I bought some fabric to make my son a new nap blanket.  I have been too busy to actually sew it, other than laying it out (on multiple occasions, mind you).  This weekend I tried yet again with my son in the sewing room with me.  Let me tell you, big mistake!   He wanted to cuddle, sleep on it, be covered under it.  In other words, everything that is counter productive to cutting a straight line to begin pinning it down.  It's minky so it will hold up to the abuse that it is currently being put through, which usually includes a certain someone carrying it all over the house and laying on it.  It's good to know that he will like it when it is eventually done, but it doesn't help in actually getting there. 

Until that time, I suppose I will have to bide my time and develop and plan to sneak fabric away from him to do some much needed sewing on it...

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