Monday, July 2, 2012

What a weekend!

We had quite the weekend here.  Friday night started out with a bang, literally.  Many parts of the country, including the DC area were rocked with severe thunder storms and high winds.  There were gusts in Dayton, OH that measured 82 mph.  By the time the storm reached us, it had calmed down to a mere 76mph!  Our entire house shook during one wind gust.
This is a photo taken on Massachusetts Ave near the Vice Presidents home.

With the terrible weather, it put a huge damper on most weekend activities.  Even today, three days later, some people are still without power.  There are some predictions that people won't have power until this coming weekend.  We were lucky, out lights flickered long enough to cycle power on the cable boxes, but not our clocks.  We did loose cell phone service for most of the morning on Saturday, but that was it.
There were several deaths due to the storm.  Due to trees falling on homes. 

Were any of you effected by the weekend storms or are you shocked to hear my weekend festivities?

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