Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

I have some exciting news today.  While it took me longer than I expected, I finished my latest product just this morning.  I have it all set up and ready to be photographed this evening.  It is a new boppy cover, which I am currently lacking in the store front.  I am super excited about this pattern.  It is super cute, unfortunately, it will be the only product with this pattern as the fabric is completely sold out from my supplier.  In that case it will make this boppy super special for the person who buys it.  They'll be the only one with the design! 

Hopefully while I have my camera out tonight I will be able to snap some shots of other works in progress.  The blanket that I am knitting for my son is making great progress.  I'm trying to focus my time on that right now since I have just over 3 more months until it needs to be complete.  I'm trying to stick to my schedule of knitting at least 1.5 rows per day to get it done in time, but unfortunately the time gobblins and the exhaustion fairies have been visiting our house recently.  They are tricky little fellows I tell you! 

Once this sewing project is complete and posted on my Etsy store front, I am going to have to look into what other projects are in my fabric drawer for the creating.  I think I have some burp cloths that are in the works, but I'm not sure.  I love shopping in my own house, it's like Christmas!


  1. Hmmm--Those time goblins and exhaustion fairies invade my house sometimes, too. Anxious to see the pics.

    1. They're just the worst aren't they? Check out today's post, I have a picture of my latest boppy cover.


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