Thursday, June 13, 2013

Burp Cloth Blitz

I am in a cutting and pinning frenzy of late.  To keep things interesting I decided to do some prep work for my many sewing projects that are piling up on my sewing desk.  This week's activity, burp cloths! 

I always find it funny how long it takes me to actually cut my fabric down to size.  I swear I sit and stare at a piece of fabric for hours making sure the burp cloth dimensions are just right and that I'm minimizing the waste while maximizing the total burp cloths I am creating for a given yardage.

I have a nice stack of burp cloths, pillow cases, blankets, and boppy cover fabric now sitting next to my sewing machine.  Once this pinning it done, then it will be onto the sewing frenzy.  But that is another blitz all together.  Some days I wish I had little mice to help me do my work like Cinderella did, the pile is growing and growing! 

The good news is that I should have some new products I'm considering actually posting on my Etsy page in the near future.  That is if I can keep them stocked long enough to make it worth while.  I'm making things in both girl and boy fabric so chances are high that I'm making something that will fit your needs if you're interested. 

If you're looking for something specific, as always please contact me!  I'm always happy to answer sewing and knitting questions. 

Fear not, the plarn totes are still in the works, I'll be updating you on that progress next week so be sure to stop back then.

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