Thursday, June 6, 2013

Something a Little Different

I mostly talk about my adventures sewing, knitting, or owning a small business here.  Kind of the purpose of having a blog/website linked to a business, right? 

Today I decided to switch it up a little and share a great find I found on Pinterest related to cooking.  I'm up a 4:45 every morning to get my day started.  It is way to early for me to even think about breakfast. So I usually keep bagels and cream cheese at work for my breakfast most mornings.  That can get boring after a while so I was looking for different options.  In comes Pinterest...

Why not make a large batch of breakfast burritos, freeze them, then nuke them when I'm ready to eat?  That's exactly what I did this week.  I bought some tortillas, ground breakfast sausage, and of course some cheese.  I had the other ingredients of potatoes and eggs.

This time around I added to many hash browns, so I think I'll use fewer or just leave them out all together on my next batch.  Other than too many potatoes it's a hit!  I've had them as my breakfast every morning this week and it's been a great change of pace.

I've seen a lot of recipes for a various breakfast burritos.  My theory is, find a list of ingredients you like mix 'em up wrap them and enjoy!  Then of course let me know how it goes!

1 comment:

  1. Do you like oatmeal? These are sooo yummy!

    You can make ahead for the week!


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