Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I'm Back...I think

Wow, where has the time gone!  I blinked and I'm now back to work and deep into the Christmas craft season.  Since coming back to work it has been a challenge to work out a new schedule for myself, hence why I have not written in so long.  I'm sure eventually I will work out some kind of schedule (maybe in 20 years!)  Fear not, I have been very busy over the past few months.  I also have several orders to get out the door before the new year.

Everything seems to take a little longer for me now, but I think I am slowly getting the hang of things.  Since it's been so long and I have many projects coming up, let me give you a quick run down of the projects I have been working on since I fell off the face of the earth.

Baby Blanket completed!  The blanket I was working on for my son was completed just in time for him to come home from the NICU, so perfect timing on his part.  I've gotten several compliments on the blanket including a mom starting at the boys daycare in a few weeks.  Who knows, maybe that will give me some new customers. 

Halloween Costume Completed!  My oldest was Max from Where the Wild Things are this year.  And when I say he was Max, I mean that in the loosest term possible.  I put a lot of thought into the construction of his costume and in typical 2 year old fashion refused to wear it!  I did photograph the process and as soon as I am able to sit down in front of my photo editing computer I will write a post about it.  Maybe just in time for next Halloween.

Pink Baby Blanket Completed!  I had been working on and off on this blanket for several months and finally completed it.  The only bummer about it, my plan was to make it on the larger side, but once I finished it, it was much smaller than I had planned.  Total bummer!  I hate when great plans don't turn out as expected.  It's still a beautiful blanket, just not the complete vision I had in mind. 

Christmas Present Started! For Christmas this year, I am making a chenille blanket for my son with a Cars theme of course.  He is going to be super excited once it's done.  Fingers crossed I will get it completed in time for Christmas (Only 20 more days...eek!)  If not it will be his birthday present. 

And finally...I have 2 nap blankets on order that will be completed as soon as the fabric arrives, which will hopefully be this week.

Wow...writing all hat down makes it all seem so real.  That's quite a list to do on top of all the other things that require my attention on a daily basis.  It might take longer than I had planned, but in due time it will all get done. 

What are your current projects?  Bring me up to date since I've been out of touch for so long!

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