Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Busy Bee

Again I must apologize for drastic change in posting frequency.  Right now I have a very good excuse, at least that's what I'm claiming.  I have been super busy with orders! 

Yeah, that's right, this lady has had order out the wazoo recently.  It's been mostly nap blankets for daycare kids, but that's OK.  I have my own design that I feel I have perfected at this point so my speed of production has greatly increased.  (The new mom energy has not yet, but that's a whole different issue!)
Aesthetic Nest Chenille Blanket Tutorial

In addition to the orders I have several projects I want to work on for my son to include a new nap blanket and his chenille blanket similar to the one on the right. 

The nap blanket won't take me long, but man oh man is this chenille blanket taking me forever to finish.  I think this is one of the reasons I am not a quilter!  I grossly underestimate the time it will take me to do something, not to mention how tedious it is.  Don't get me wrong, I am really enjoying this process.  It's teaching me to be a much better seamstress/sewer.  I've never been very good at sewing in a straight line, or cutting in a straight line for that matter, so this has been a great exercise in this as well as marking my fabric for sewing.  Most of the things I do I can pretty much freehand.  I've never really done super intricate work that is so precise before.  As a result this blanket is not one of my finer works, but it's a labor of love and I know my oldest will love it when it's finished, crooked stitches and all. 

And for the record, my New Year's resolution is to increase my posting frequency.  Do you have one?  (Yes I realize were are at the end of January so by definition I am not doing too well in that regard.)

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  1. Welcome back to the blogging scene - but then you may have been at it, and I've not see you, because I've not been reading up on my blogs just recently, although I have been posting!

    Congratulations too on the safe arrival of your son! Last time I commented, he was not far from arriving in the big wide world! Hope all went well.

    Know what you mean about the quilting - although when I was at it, it enthralled me. In the end, the final product began to get too heavy for me to comfortably handle - toys are so much easier, quicker and fun!

    All the best: Isobel -


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