Thursday, January 31, 2013


I don't know what hit me late last week, but I am suddenly in a huge organizational kick right now.  This past weekend I organized my office closet where I keep most of my product.  It could still use some work, like more shelving and bins for storage, but it's much better than it was previously.  I have a better idea what I want done, it's just a matter of executing the plan at this point to completely uber organize it, perhaps a trip to the Container Store is in order.  

It also motivated me to finally put up the artwork that had been sitting in that closet for over a year now.  While I was putting up the photographs, I finally narrowed down some decorating ideas of putting some other artwork on our living and dining room walls.  Artwork is expense and can be so impersonal so I always wanted something that was very personal for our family.  To Pinterest I went...

Pinterest really should be illegal at times, I find to many ideas and not enough time or space for all the ideas I come across.  I think the winning idea to try to experiment with creating my own prints on canvas.  The biggest problem will be finding the right photo(s) to print.  I think I know what my tasks in the coming days. 

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