Monday, May 6, 2013


I must be making the rounds on the Russian internet recently, my only comments seem to be coming in the form of spam that appears to be from Russia or at least one of the Eastern European countries and they are not real comments.  At least not in my definition of posting to old posts and not relevant to the post.

As a result, I'm playing around with my commenting settings in hopes it will curb fake/spam comments and encourage my readers to actually comment.  Of course, I'm assuming that I do have real readers out there and my visit count isn't just from web crawlers running all over the internet. 

If you feel your comment may be been deleted in error, please let me know.  I do monitor the comments and if something seems out of place, I do tend to delete them and you may have gotten caught up in a delete frenzy.

If I am just talking to myself, I'm OK with that, but if not, feel free to say, "Hi" occasionally.  I don't bite, honestly! 

In the mean time, stop back later this week, I have a new feature I'm starting that I'm sure you'll love.  At least I've enjoyed the research for it!

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