Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pattern Pallooza - Beginners

This blog post has morphed slightly from it's original plan.  My original plan was to share some patterns with you, but I received the most wonderful email yesterday.  A friend just bought her very first sewing machine!  Wahoo for her a whole knew world now awaits her.  Now of course she has the all important task of deciding the the first project will be.  So instead of just haphazardly selecting some interesting patterns, but now I have a purpose to share with her and the rest of you some interesting first projects with your sewing machine.

This week I am focusing on patterns and projects that are perfect for the beginner sewer.  That means, the concept is relatively simple and there is lots of room for error if you do need to rip it out or don't sew in a straight line. 

Up first are these great bean bags I found from MADE.  They are adorable if you ask me and much more fun than a store bought bean bag.  This is a great first project to sink your teeth into.  I want to make some of these for the adults too, not just the kids!

42 pages internet pattern scare you?  No worries! How about some floor pillows instead?  You still get new comfy seating for the kids but it might be a little less intimidating to start.  Fido may think these are for her, but they help make a great reading nook for some much needed quiet time in the kids room.  This pattern and tutorial comes to us from oven lovin'

Finally, but potentially more importantly, you can find some beginner sewing tips over at Couturier Mommy.  No need for me to reinvent the wheel here when there are already so many how-to websites.  Hopefully I can at least help you centralize them. 

Please feel free to share your references for a beginner here and don't forget to stop back for more advanced patterns and resources. 


  1. Sweet! Thanks for the links too! I cannot wait to get started!!! And those floor mats are awesome!!!

    btw - love the new look!!

    1. Gina, Good luck with your projects! I'm a big fan of the floor mats myself. Fabric for those will be in my next fabric purchase.

      I'm glad you like the look, there might be a tweak here or there, but overall I'm very happy with it.


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