Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Project Failed...

Max Costume from here
Well not really, but sort of.  I had high hopes of getting to the fabric store this past weekend.  Those were quickly dashed when the weekend ended up getting filled with multiple furniture pick ups for the nursery and more outside playing time than I thought was possible.  I guess family fun time can trump making another nap blanket.  We will just have to delay the creation a little longer.  I really want him to be part of the selection process so it may not be until Labor Day weekend. 

I did do some research on some great Halloween costumes and I think this year my son is going to be Max from Where the Wild Things Are.  So while we are there I may start looking at some fabric for that as well.  I found the instructions on Education.com.  They seem surprisingly easy.  I was worried about his costume this year because I didn't want something hard to get in and out of in case he has go potty while in costume.  This one is pretty nice as I'll make it two pieces so he can slip it on and off as necessary. 

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