Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fabric Orders

Photo courtesy: Do it yourself Divas
I've been tossing several new projects around in my head.  I haven't quite worked through the execution of any of them yet.  Because I have so many ideas floating around I foresee a potentially large fabric purchase once I decide exactly what I am going to do and then go through the painstaking task of selecting fabric for these projects.  I'm looking around for a few different quilt ideas, both personal projects - I'm not ready to try to make and sell quilts yet, but who knows, it may be on the horizon.

One project I know are definitely on the horizon are some more burp cloths.  They have become increasingly popular of late, I'm almost sold out of all my burp cloths.  Not a bad problem to have, but an unexpected one at that. In the next few weeks, my burp cloth inventory is projected to be almost completely depleted if not completely.  These are some of my favorite items to make because they are so versatile.  I can't tell you how many uses I have come up with my old burp cloths that I made for my kids.  If you're interested in some burp cloths and want to personalize them a bit, let me know and we can work together before I make the fabric order. 

The other project I'm tossing around is a rag quilt for our living room (see picture above).  We currently have two blankets we keep, mostly for me, on our couch that are starting to age.  One is a blanket from my high school alma mater, the other is a no sew blanket I made while in college before I got my sewing machine.  Both are great blankets, but I want something that is 1.) a bit more adult centric, 2.) coordinated with our color scheme in our living room, and 3.) not as tattered looking. 

Of course the other is a blanket for my youngest son in the same fashion of the chenille blanket that took me forever to sew for my oldest. This one is probably the farthest a long in the thought process.  I'm thinking of using this Riley Blake Chevron fabric to make the chenille this time.  Psst, it's striped so I won't have to worry about drawing 500million lines and then sewing each line, I can just sew a long each side of the stripes.  I can't decide which colors to use however.  I'm inclined to go with the blue one as opposed to the rainbow one.  Since I'm still brain storming, I'd love to hear your thoughts one which you like best.  Bring them on, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Left to my own devises crazy things can happen!


  1. no rainbow, go blue....i have a preference for green for myself....future order i can feel it or i'm making you teach me. i am pondering your living room next

  2. Oh teach me how to do a rag quilt! Oh wait.... I dont have a sweing machine....hmph!

    Rainbow? For the living room? No..... =)

    1. Gina, I've love to teach you. Step one is to get a sewing machine. Or better yet, I'll make one for you!

      My inventory took a huge hit sooner than I expected, so I'm probably going to make my large order within the next week. I know, terrible problem to have! Hopefully I'll be able to write a post about some upcoming products tomorrow. Until then, get your orders/preferences in if you're looking for something particular.


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