Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Product Idea

I have several knitting patterns laying around the house from when my mom bought me a page a day calendar a few years ago.  I kept the patterns that interested me hoping that one day I may make some of them.  I've done a few in the past, like the knit baby blanket that is currently for sale, but I haven't dug through all the patterns in a while.  The other day I was looking for something in my yarn box and dub them out.  I found a few nice patterns I liked, most notably one for a bag for your yoga mat. 

I love the pattern and am thinking of adding it as a new product to Stitch Silly.  What are you thoughts?  Would you be interested in a lacy knit bag to cart your yoga mat?  I might make a prototype and post some pictures for feedback, but active feedback right now is always welcome. 


  1. Can't you make it anyway - and while you're doing it, inspiration for it's eventual use may well arrive! I wouldn't mind a lacy knit bag to carry all my toy-making bits and bobs. At least I might then see where I put the last yarn reel, scissors, thimble and so on! Presently, it's a cardboard shoe box and I spend my time digging in corners, and not always finding what I'm looking for! Otherwise, when done, you have another item to list in your shop. Win-win situation,

  2. Isobel,

    That's a wonderful idea. I hadn't thought that it might be useful for a knitting bag. I'm finishing up a baby blanket soon, and will then attack this idea further.


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