Monday, July 11, 2011

Updated Photography

I've hear a lot of discussions of late on Etsy about people not making sales or this being a slow time of year.  Well you won't here those kinds of discussions here.  But I did feel like my photographs were lacking some how.  I'm still struggling to figure out Gimp or even my own camera for that matter.  I'm getting there, but it's a baby step at a time.

Well this weekend I decided to re-shoot a few of my products to give them more of an appealing look.  Overall I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out. Hopefully they will result in some sales, but mostly I think it is just a learning experience for me.  Here are a couple of my latest shots.  Any thoughts on these latest ones?  As I was linking these images back my shop, I noticed that a I still have a few I need to actually up load still.  I know what my project is this evening!  As always, feedback is welcome!


  1. I think the bears add a cute touch and give a little more personality to your photos. I like the white background as it doesn't create any distraction. Good work! :)

  2. Thanks so much! Psst, the white background is just a old beach towel. I think I need to find a large backdrop because I you can see in a few of the shots that some of the trees are creeping into the background. But all in all, I think a step in the right direction.


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