Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Surprises

Boopy Cover - sorry SOLD OUT! Check current listings for other offerings.
I had to take some things into our office/my studio the other day.  Of course my shadow, a.k.a my almost 2.5 year old had to come with mommy, generally not a big deal.  Well he proceeded to plot himself on the floor, grab the crayons out of the drawer and ask to color.  Who am I to stop him from such a great past time?  So I went to the printer and grabbed him some plain paper for him to go to town. 

Suddenly I realized I had a perfect opportunity to start cutting out my latest sewing project, a boppy cover, that was sitting on my desk laid out nicely waiting for a nice sharp pair of sheers to attack it.  Not only was he entertained long enough for me to cut, but to also start actual construction.  When it was time to sew the first seam he was very interested in the process and watched over me very closely I described the "gas pedal," the seam allowance, and switching to the correct stitch for each part of the cover.  It was so exciting to see him so interested in he construction of something.  Not something was really expecting since he really is all boy, but I was pretty excited to share my passion with him all the same.  The great bonus part of it is that I am not about 25% done with the project! 

This morning, I pinned in the zipper and at the next available opportunity that will be zipping it into the fabric.  Then we'll be on the home stretch!  Looking forward to the finished product.  It's been far to long since I've looked at a finish product. 

What kind of happy surprises have you had recently?  New fabric?  Great deal on something you really needed?  Share your great news!

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