Monday, December 5, 2011

Building your Inventory

With my move and some recent sales, my inventory has taken a tremendous hit recently.  My shop is looking pretty stagnant right now.  To help fight the inventory slump I'm in, I'm taking a call to action.  Who wants to join me? 

I am taking the pledge to post at least one product a week between today and the end of January.  That's eight new products I'll be posting soon!  It's not a lot, but it's a step towards getting more products made and into my "store front."  Will you take this on with me?  For some of you this may be too easy.  What's your pledge then?  16? 24?

Or better yet, who wants to volunteer to keep me motivated?  Ask about it on facebook! Email about it! Leave Comments asking about the progress.  Keep me accountable, and I'll keep you accountable. 

To my customers, what do you want seen created over the new eight weeks.  I have loads of ideas I am thinking about, but I want to hear your from you.  Bring it on!


  1. That's a great goal...good luck :)
    I've been trying to add new items in between my custom orders!

  2. Good luck! I'm trying to add items in between all of my show prep. It's hard, but since most of my business comes from Etsy, I need to stay on the ball!

  3. I like your pledge - it's a reasonable goal. I need to do the same thing. I'm still finishing up adding new items to a local gallery this week. But next week - I'll join you in your pledge. :)

  4. Memories, custom orders, while great, are usually my downfall to increasing my inventory.

    Paige, Good luck with your show prep! Looking forward to hearing back on how it went.

    SibStudio, welcome aboard! Can you share some links to the local gallery?


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