Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekly Check In - Increasing Your Inventory Week 3

This is the last week before Christmas!  Is everyone ready for the celebrations?  I will warn you, Stitch Silly may be a little light in the posting while we enjoy some family time, but that won't stop us from posting any new products.  Last week, I finished a few different products that will be coming on line in the new few weeks.  I'm hoping to start another project this week, but with the holiday preparations, I may have to just stick to working on my knitting projects that are on going.  But here's my new products to date:

Week 1: Knit Pom Hat
Week 2: Receiving Blanket Gift Set

I also renewed one of my boppy covers, but I'm not counting that as a new product. 

Fess up people!  What have you added to increase your inventory?


  1. Have been madly working on a baby bunny medley, which, alas, will not be ready for Christmas - this year, at any rate! I've got just one more to go, plan to photograph them tomorrow and list the whole bunch as well, time permitting. There's always next Christmas anyway - if the Good Lord spares me!

    Have also got to replace two Hairy Bears and several Glove Puppets - so am thinking of giving the Shop a vacation until the end of January - but then, what would I do in the evenings, if I did not check what's been happening on the Etsy Activity front every day!

    Have a great Christmas Andrea! See you in the New Year!

  2. Good luck with all your great products. Enjoy some down time over the holidays!


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