Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Inventory Increase Check In

Those of you who are increasing your inventory now.  How is it going?  As you saw last week, I added a great winter hat to the shop.  Since then I have been working on a couple different related products.  I have an extra large receiving blanket completed that I plan to pair with a couple burp cloths.  I also plan to have just a package of 4 or so burp cloths.  In an effort to work in batches I'm doing all the sewing at one time for each step.

For instance, I cut all the burp cloths at the same time.  Then pinned them all, then added the Stitch Silly logo to them all, etc. etc. you get the picture.  I'm just about with the final pinning (my son has been a bit needy recently so sewing has been in spurts) and should have them all sewn either today or tomorrow.  That leaves tomorrow and Thursday for photographs and Friday to post!  Whew...I'll just make it :-)

While you're waiting for my latest creation, what's your most recent product?  I'd love to see!


  1. It's going really well for me! It helps that I'm done with art shows for a while, so I had a bit of extra inventory that I could just photograph and list. It was nice to get some new stuff up there. :-)

  2. Paige, great job! I'm off to check out your latest listings now. One day I'll get there... :-P

  3. I just finished a painting this afternoon. I'll be posting it tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration to continue to work on inventory! I'm looking forward to seeing your receiving blanket & burps clothes.

  4. Just about to finish my Christmas Little Bunny miscellany/collection - which do you think is better? They come in blue, pink, purple and white fleece, have red ribbons attached to green holly leaf collars. Hope to have them posted by the week-end (wonder if that's too late for this year?) If it is, no worries: there's always next year, and I an always convert them into Christmas baby mobiles for next year's offerings! If you're interested, they resemble the Baby Bunnies who left for Saudi Arabia and were posted about in www.ColdhamCuddliescalling.blogspot.com/Baby Bunnies for Saudi Arabia just a couple of posts ago.

    Happy Christmas to one and all - and all comments and suggestions gratefully received!

  5. Sib, Great job, I can't wait to see it!

    Isobel, thanks for sharing you're latest. Hopefully they'll see for this Christmas. In the U.S. they are talking about this Friday (16 December)being the last day big day for shipping in time for Christmas.


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