Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Wussed Out

Well sort of.  I started to try the mitered corners that I wrote about last week, but it just wasn't working out like I had planned.  So I called an audible and decided not to pursue it for this project.  Instead of destroying the fabric for this project which I bought just enough for, I'm going to practice the corners on some scrape fabric first until I'm happy with it.  We have a lot of this going on over the next several weeks, but I'm hoping to fit some sewing time in. 

The upside is I designed a new type of nap blanket with this order.  It's done, the paypal invoice has been sent.  I'm awaiting payment and delivery hopefully today or tomorrow.  This new design combines many of the features that I enjoyed in the previous versions as well as some new ones.  This is my favorite part of the creative process.  I can create, change, and then change again my products until they are just right and no one can argue with me otherwise.  It's amazing how the designing and creating process is never exactly the same with each new product item.  When you move to a mass produced item all the fun is gone.  There is no more tweaking here and there.

Now if only I can finish the storage bin and pink knit blanket that I am working on.  The knit blanket almost made me cry yesterday.  I put it down to hurriedly once and several stitches fell of the needle and even slipped down a row or two.  It took some time but I was able to put them back on the needle but  my goodness was it nerve wracking while I did it.  We're now making some forward progress again instead of feeling like I ripped out my last hours worth of work. 

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  1. Know just what you mean! It's the main reason knitting and I parted company!


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