Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wahoo for Shopping

Photo Courtesy: The Distracted Domestic
As I said earlier this week, I had to go shopping for some new fabric for a custom order I received.  By the way, I am truly realizing that sales do come in complete waves.  When it rains it pours and when it doesn't there's a drought.  That's been part of the fun in owning your own business.  But I digress.

I was so wonderfully pleasantly surprised when I walked into my local fabric store this week to find that they had completed redecorated and reorganized the store.  It was so bright and fresh.  Of course it drove me batty at the same time because I couldn't find anything.  It took me more time to find the products I needed than actually picking them out.  And of course I forgot to grab some purple thread so I'm going opting for a contrasting color instead of a matching color.  Sometimes I think using contracting thread is more interesting than matching everything perfectly anyways.  You just have to be extra careful to keep your hand steady!

I'm super excited about making this nap blanket because I'm going to get to practice the mitered corner I showed you a last week.  I just hope mine looks as nice as the one she sampled on  your blog post.  I'm currently in the pinning process.  Some days I call it the painful process because it is very tedious to lay out your fabric measure it 500 times check for square, measure again, cut, measure again. pin and repin!  Then it take 5 minutes to run it through the sewing machine.  Well, not really just 5 minutes, but you get the idea!  Just like painting, you set up your prep work well and you get a good product out, you rush the prep and the result is well less than stellar.  I'll let you know how my corners turn out. 

What is your current project?  What challenges are you facing with it?

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