Monday, June 13, 2011

Nap Blanket Orders

So those orders I mentioned?  Well I think they are starting to roll in.  I delivered an order today for a custom nap blanket.  Then when I called to check on how my son was doing this morning (He cut his first molar this weekend and I think it about to cut is second so he's been a bit of a drama queen and very clingy to mommy) the lady at the front desk told me that another parent wants me to make them one and should be contacting me. 

I am also printing out a few new flyers for the school today maybe that will give me a few more sales at least in the nap blanket world.  I think I have finally decided on a design that works with me.  At least I'm going to go with in until I get some feedback from parents.  Wahoo for more sales.  Now if only I could make a sale through the internet...I guess this isn't a bad thing.  I'm making working on one right now, so maybe I'll take some pictures of it to post.  Perhaps one of my loyal readers will comment!

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