Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh Forgetfulness

So I know I've been rambling on about this knit blanket for a while now.  Well it's done and I was so proud of myself I managed to photograph it while playing with my son.  I even got some really cute ones of him "helping" me with the photography. 

My plan was to check out the images and post the blanket today.  But, no, what did I forget to grab on my way out the door this morning?  The memory card from my camera to upload the pictures to my computer.  I had a brief moment.  I guess you will have to wait a few more hours until the blanket is posted.

I'm also trying to make sure I am a good business woman and have been focusing on actually putting together a business plan.  I know here haven't really mentioned the business side of things.  This is mostly because I assume to most this is not as exciting as hearing about the art of crafting.  I have a secret to confess.  I am a nerd at heart and LOVE the business side of things.  I could stare at spreadsheets all day long, playing with numbers, projections, and tweaking prices to maximize my return while ensuring the prices are fair to my customers.  I have no formal business training, I have two engineering degrees, but boy am I really enjoying figuring out how to run a successful business. 

Developing the business plan has been an education to me.  I've always said, I just want to make homemade items that are geared towards families. Actually thinking about it and making projections then putting it to paper has really put a new perspective on this business to me.  My business plan is by no means completed, I'm not sure it really ever will.  It is, as I've read, a living document of how the business will operate for the foreseeable future.  If there is interest, I may develop a how to on developing a business plan or how I've developed my accounting system.  Those are definitely posts for another day as I have hours of discussions on my accounting system/spreadsheet alone.  I could honestly go on, and on ...

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