Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Posting

I just completed a new posting on Etsy for the Yellow Baby Blanket I've been talking up.  It was difficult picking pictures to post because my son did not give me as much opportunity to actually take pictures of just the blanket.  I think I may have to reshoot some pictures. I did get several great ones of him "helping."

As you can see he was very intent on putting the blanket on his head.  I did not do that, he did.  I think I may need to be a bit more creative when I muli-task with him.  We had fun so really that's all that matters.  Grabbing these memories are far more important getting the right shots to post in one sitting.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that order forms were going to go out at my son's day care for my nap blankets.  Well here we are almost in mid-June and the packets have not gone out yet.  I am sad, but they are still going to go out with my order form in them.  In preparation, I bought a few yards of blanket material so I am more prepared when the orders do start rolling in.  In preparation, I did also mention that the order forms will be going out to a few of my son's friends parents so I have gotten a few early orders that way.  In fact, I am just about done with his girlfriends new blanket.  I just have some hand sewing to do on it tonight or tomorrow.  Then viola, it's out the door. 

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