Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Boppy Covers and More

I had some left over fabric from the custom cushions I made, so I decided to make a boppy cover out of the extra material.  I'm getting pretty good at my boppy covers now.  Over the weekend I took about 5 minutes and cut the fabric out then in 30-45 minutes last night I had put in the zipper.  I thought about finishing it last night, but I knew I would regret the lack of sleep if I didn't go to bed then.  So if I'm lucky, I may be able finish it tonight before we hit the road for a long weekend away.  Here's hoping!

I've gotten some feedback from my reader(s).  I'm still not sure if there are more than one of you out there!  It sounds like my picnic blanket idea of having a double layered material is a good one.  I just need to find the right material now.  Thanks for the feedback.

Also just a heads up to my readers out there.  I will be taking a short vacation for the remainder of the week and to my knowledge I will not have internet access so sorry, no new posts for a few days.  Unless I get really creative on the drive tonight and write a few back up blogs.  Fear not, just because I will not be at home sewing, blogging, or being active on Etsy does not mean I will not be working.  In fact, I intend to finish one and start another blanket all on the trip!  Come Tuesday I may have a few items to post on Etsy.  And not soon enough, it's been a while since I've posted something!

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