Sunday, May 29, 2011

Custom High Chair Cushions

I've mentioned a few times now that I was asked to make a set of custom high chair cushions for a friend.  I'm happy to say that they are now complete and delivered!  So how did I create this masterpiece, you ask?  Well thanks for asking. 

First I took a look at their high chair, took some measurements, and talked about their needs for the cushions.  For instance, was it important to have the cushions be completely washable, just the cover, or is spot cleaning the best plan for washing?  What types of fabric and color schemes were they envisioning?  I took these answered and off to JoAnn's I went. 

I found this really great micro suede fabric,  shown here which I thought was perfect for their cleaning and color needs.

Next, I grabbed some newsprint and drew out a pattern based on my measurements.  I went back over to my friends house (yes I realize this isn't always an option, but when it is available, use it!) to confirm my measurements so I only had to cut the fabric once.  There were a few minor adjustments that I had to make with the final patterns, but overall it was a good fit.  On to construction!

Before I began cutting anything, I laid out all my material.  So you could see everything I was starting with. 
Then I took my patterns and pinned them to the fabric.  To keep things efficient and to ensure that my top and bottom pieces were cut to the same size, I folded over the fabric so that the right side of the fabric was facing itself.
Then I cut the fabric slightly larger than the pattern to allow for the depth of the cushions and for a 5/8th in seam allowance. 

Next, I pinned and sewed around three sides of each of the cushions.  I lined up the patterns again, this time with the foam cushion and cut the cushions down to size.  Sorry, this was when my photography slacked.  Then I stuffed the cushions into the fabric and began pinning the open side closed.  It was at this point that I realized that I forgot to add the belting connectors.  Oh no!

Fear not, I was able to solve that problem.  Below is how I initially pinned all the  belting in place.
Next I pulled out some of the thread and slide the belting into place, re-sewing as necessary.  Here is a close up of one of the fasteners.

And now the finished product:
I'm very happy with the way it turned out.  Hopefully my friends are too!

And for those of you interested in photography out there.  I am officially sold on using natural light in my photography now.  The pictures taken under natural light turned out much better than my other pictures.  I will be sure to keep that in mind when I begin posting other products on Etsy

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