Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tomorrow is Big Day

I mentioned in a previous post that my son's daycare is going to be putting an advertisement and order form for nap blankets into their paperwork to transition kids from one classroom to another.  In essence, this is a moving up ceremony, sans the ceremony part.  Each child that is developmentally ready to move to the next classroom moves up.  For instance, in my son's classroom there are 11 kids right now (I'm not exactly happy with that number, but that's a whole rant unto itself) and there are approximately 5 kids all transitioning from the toddler A to toddler B side. 

Each one of these kids will receive at transition packet, giving them information about the new classroom new fees if any, etc. Well part of this packet will be my order form if a parent wants to order a new nap blanket for their child.  There are 7 classrooms and probably 5 - 10 kids transitioning in each room. 

I don't anticipate all the parents ordering new blankets for the kids.  Not every child uses a nap blanket, some parents just bring in crib sheets and a blanket for their son or daughter.  But I could have quiet a few orders out of this.  It's a great first step in building up my name, so I'm pretty excited about this. 

My JoAnn VIP card came last night, perfect timing in my opinion.  I will be going shopping this weekend to get some material for the nap blankets as well as some different material so I can at least put something on Etsy during my nap blanket crush.  Maybe I'll try to sneak in my trip tomorrow as a celebration for a great advertising venue. 

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