Monday, May 9, 2011

First Crib Sheet Done!

Last night I finished my first crib sheet.  I was hoping to get it posted on Etsy last night, but my husband had put away the camera and guess where is was.  In my son's room!  He was already a sleep and I wasn't going to go rummaging around in his bed room closet when an extra day isn't going to kill me.  So tonight my newly hired photographer (i.e. my husband, he works for cheap!) is going to photograph the crib sheet and then it should be posted. 

So how did it go you ask? Great question!

The construction took a little longer than I anticipated, probably 3.5 hours when it was all said and done.  To be honest, I was watching True Blood episodes while pinning so that may be partially to blame.  Overall, I am very happy with the product, and I hope that the home it goes to appreciates it as well. 

Up next is another crib sheet.  I do have several burp cloths teed up for sewing so I may sneak those in first, we'll see what I'm in the mood for doing tonight after I'm done studying for my Project Management Professional's PMP exam that I am taking for my day job next month.  Now that I have one sheet under my belt I have a feeling that this next one will not take as much time.  One can only hope!

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