Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I passed my exam.  Wahoo!  One less thing that will pull me away from my favorite activities.  I cannot express the relief I have in passing my exam.  I now can add an acronym to the end of my name.  It's not quite, Ph.D. or P.E., but it's still a recognized exam that will give me a lot of recognition in my day job.  Here at Stitch Silly, probably not so much, but that's OK.  I'll accept that.  So what's next you ask?

Well I'm still not sure that my order forms have gone out at my son's day care yet.  They've started the transitions, but I haven't seen anything like a packet that the principal was suggesting to me.  Time will only day from this.  Because no order forms have gone out, I haven't gotten any sales from it.  While this saddens me because I did buy a few yards of fabric to have on hand when my order finally did start coming, I have other outlets for selling those blankets, namely, Etsy.

Instead of studying last night (I had to rest my brain for this morning) I finished up a blue nap blanket and posted it online this afternoon.  I have one more nap blanket I want to make then I think I will start seriously designing that picnic blanket I've been babbling about.

I've gotten some feedback that the double layered almost quilt-like picnic blanket is the way to go.  Time to start some serious research.  Now that I have a bit more of a following, I will put my call out for suggestions yet again.  I am always open to new ideas as I continue to develop my product lines.  Please leave a comment, send me an email, post something on Facebook, any suggestions or recommended improvements are always welcome. 

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