Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Busy Weekend

Is it really Wednesday already?  The three day weekend really threw me off this week.  No complaints here though, any time I get to spend extra time with the family is a good thing.  As I mentioned on Friday I got a request for a toddler blanket last week.  I wanted to take advantage of the Labor Day sales so I took a drive over to our local Jo Ann Fabrics to see what was available.  I also needed to pick up the fabric for my son's Halloween costume.  He's going to be Elmo this year so red fleece was in order!

For the toddler blanket I found a fabulous green flannel print with pink flowers everywhere for one side and the other side is a bright pink minky fabric.  No matter which side you use, she'll have something soft and cozy to snuggle up with.  I started work on it this morning and plan to work on it as well tonight, so it should be done in the next day or so.  I'm not sure what the exact measurements are going to be yet, right now I'm just looking to line everything up before I finally cut.

As you may have seen on our Facebook page I've mentioned at knitting a pair of gloves at the request of one of our fans.  I also started them over the weekend.  Then realized that the weight of yarn I had wasn't the right weight and therefore wasn't going to work.  While I was at Jo Ann's I picked up what I thought was the correct yarn, nope still too think.  Thankfully I had pattern for a different set of gloves (fingerless this time) that would work with the yarn I bought.  They are going to be a beautiful royal blue glove with a interesting cable stitch pattern throughout.  This is surprisingly a quick knit compared to my baby blankets that I make so I will hopefully have them done shortly.  Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks! 

We've been getting a lot of rain recently so photographing my current products has been a bit of a challenge.  I'm trying to get the products in some good light, but have not been successful yet.  Until I'm happy with the pictures no new products will be coming up.  It can't rain forever so soon!


  1. About the rain - hope on, Andrea! We were promised the summer of a lifetime back in April, when it was so darn hot, we could not believe we were in the UK. Since then, the summer disappeared, we've got Autumn (Fall to you folks the other side of the Pond) setting in, with the left-overs of Hurricane Katya coming our way over the week-end, and we're wondering exactly where the sun got to! Happy knitting and blanketing.


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