Friday, September 2, 2011

Strange Feeling

Well this is a strange feeling that I've never had before.  I actually have a back log of products I need to photograph and post.  This morning I finished my bibs (they turned out so cute!) so they are now waiting in line to be photographed a long with my latest boppy cover. 

I also just got a request in for some toddler blankets from one of my repeat customers so it will be a busy couple weeks here at Stitch Silly.  What are your coming projects?  Share some links, I would love to see some pictures. 


  1. Hi Andrea - it's a great feeling isn't it? I'd like some more sales, but new ideas are spilling over at the moment, so will have to work hard like you!

    I'm blogging about one of the new ideas later today. You might like to wander over and have a look-see.

    Items might be included in the upcoming Guest Blog you've kindly booked for me Oct. 4.

    Meanwhile, good luck with you toddler blankets - are they made with fleece, perchance?

    If so, do you know if your supplier would do business with me? Am having problems matching fabric for a big bear belonging to eldest daughter (now aged 40!). Bear is letting down the Bear team and I've been asked to rejuvenate him, but cannot find right colours/fabric here in the UK.

  2. Busy is good!!! I'm betting those bibs will fly off your shelves before the holidays.

  3. Isobel, check out today's blog for more information!


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