Thursday, September 29, 2011

Holy Batman

So many things going on in Stitch Silly right now.  I just finished my knitted gloves I've been talking about.  I may have a buyer for them already so they haven't been posted yet.

I also just finished a custom toddler blanket with the airplane fleece I showed you last week.  Silly me I sent it off without photographing it!

I also just made my largest single order sale in history!  Wahoo for me.  Of course it is my first shipment order and paypal shipping is down so I'll have to go to the post office to ship it off today.

I'm also working with two different customers on other custom orders.  I'm so excited about these products, but boy it's keeping me from increasing my inventory!  If I can get to it, the picture to the left is my next toddler blanket that I would like to create and post soon.

1 comment:

  1. Shame about the photograph not being taken - was looking forward to seeing what the airplane fleece looked like (have 'plane mad children - adult in name!) that I might have been able to make joke presents with something like it!! Never mind - glad you're so busy.

    Looking forward to my Guest Blog chance on Tuesday; will be up-dating you on what's been happening over the week-end, as arranged.

    Meanwhile, don't overdo things - but enjoy the stream of business!


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