Monday, October 3, 2011

What a Month

September turned out to be our biggest month since opening our doors in May.  Thanks so much to everyone who made it possible.  There is a slight downside, my inventory took a huge hit!  I'm working feverishly to increase it.  I mentioned that I was making some beautiful fall gloves, that I wanted to post.  But before I could post them, they were sold elsewhere with an order for another pair to boot.  I'm working on pair number two already, and then hope to make a third pair to finally post. 

While I'm knitting my fingers off, I made this sports themed toddler blanket over the weekend.  Watch for it to be posted soon.  It's a great flannel sports blanket that is backed with a soft and cuddling baby blue minky.  I love this combination so much that I wish I could use it myself!  To go with this blanket I also made a toddler pillow case shown below.  Buy both together an get a discount!  These will make a great shower or Christmas gift for that special little one in your life.

Hot off the presses pillow case.
What are you latest projects?  Send some links to share the love.  I'm also curious where you typically purchase your fabric and yarn.  Where do get the best deals for the best quality?  I've been using pretty regularly now and am happy with the material, but am always looking where I can find a better deal for the same quality.  I'm about to make yet another purchase from them for at least one custom order potentially more. 


  1. Some of my friends on Etsy tell me they take vacations in order to catch up on inventory - perhaps you should too! Otherwise, it's going to become like full-time work, rather than a paying pastime: unless, of course, that's your intention (fulltime job, I mean). Good luck, anyway - you seem to fit everyone's needs in the particular niche you've found yourself in!

  2. Isobel, that is an interesting thought. If I get too busy I may do just that.

    Yes, I would love for this to be my full time job, but before that happens I still need to significantly increase my revenue and perhaps start paying myself a salary. :-P


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