Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How to Get New Product Ideas

As a designer, you have an eternal issue of looking for new products or new twists on old products.  For me it can be hard to just search the internet fabric stores or even to walk into a fabric store to get ideas.  Sometimes I need a clear jolt of what can be a successful item to sell.  Well this morning I got that jolt or idea from an interesting source.  It may be obvious to some of you out there, but for me it truly hit me this morning.
Terry Cloth Burp Cloth Set

I have a morning routine of sitting down at my computer and immediately looking at my Google Analytics page to see if I've had any hits and if so what are the details of those hits.  Well today I was doing a little more review of the site and really sat down and looked at what people are searching for when they land on my Etsy Site.  In looking at some of the search terms they do hit on some products I have on my site, but don't exactly match some of my products.  For example, I have terry cloth burp cloths for sale, but one of the search terms I have on my Google Analytics is "falls creek terry cloth burp."  The next time I am searching for fabrics, I'm going to keep in mind that people are searching for "falls creek," whatever that is. 

Knowing how people are getting to your website not only helps in creating a new product, but also in selling current products.  There have been a lot of discussions on blogs about the new Etsy relevancy search and SEO.  Some are more helpful than others.  Of most interest is Market My Shop's recent discussions of relevancy.  Stop by their blog for more information.

Now that I've brightened your day with my latest place to get product ideas, I'm off to search for some new fabric to purchase! 

Where do you get your new product ideas?

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  1. My latest products are Glove Puppets, which I just launched at and will be posting on my blog later this week. The idea for them came from a pair of old home-made glove puppets that arrived in my Soft Toy clinic in August 2010. Using a composite of both of them - they could not be re-made exactly as they arrived because we might have offended copyright rules - have been able to make 6, sell one already, and am in the process of make a couple more! Don't take long to make, are fun to do, and hopefully will provide enjoyment for all the family - not just the recipient!


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