Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Ruts

I don't know why, but Wednesdays seem to always get me into a creative rut.  Blogging ideas evade me, sewing slips, knitting isn't motivating.  Somehow, someway, Thursdays are incredibly productive.  I think I need to go out and figure out what it is about Wednesdays that put me in this rut. 

Perhaps it is the build up from the day job's pressures on the week, then as the weekend draws near the pressure subsides.  Who knows, but I'm forcing myself to write this blog in hopes of breaking the cycle!  Will it work?  I'll let you know tomorrow.

Do any of you have a particular day of the week or time that is very hard for them to get and stay motivated?


  1. Mondays. I should be able to start fresh at the beginning of a new work week, right? Wrong.
    Mondays are always SO bad at the day job--they completely zap every ounce of energy and creativity--and it is SUCH a long wait for another weekend.

  2. I don't so much get in a rut as I become very busy on some days of the week. Monday, Wednesday, and sometimes Thursday and Friday can be 12 to 14 hour days for me.


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