Friday, October 28, 2011

Yellow Baby Blanket

As my regular readers have seen, I have been quite busy with custom orders for a while now therefore have not been able to post any new listings recently.  I was greatly saddened by this, but a sale is a sale I wasn't complaining too much.

Yesterday, I went to deliver a sale, thinking I was being clever I grabbed another similar product to try to upsell the person to see if they would by both.  Well they ended up buying the cheaper item, the extra one I brought and not the one they had mentioned to me previously.  I should have known!  Rookie mistake! But I was happy that they purchased one of my beautiful hand knit baby blankets.

This of course freed me up to post a new listing yesterday.  Wahoo for silver linings!  Here are a few pictures of my latest baby blanket.  Unfortunately, I believe this is my last new listing for a while.  Stand-by for Monday morning, all will be revealed then. 

In the mean time, what new products or ideas have you been working on lately?  Share some link love!


  1. The baby blanket is gorgeous! I like the knitting stitch design!

  2. Beautiful blanket! Hooray for custom orders (although I'm in the same boat---hard to create new listings for the Etsy shop when you're up to your eyeballs in custom work)!!


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