Monday, October 31, 2011

Just Hear This!

I alluded to some big announcement on Friday.  Well we are finally ready to unveil it to the world.   

Stitch Silly is moving! 

Well sort of!  My husband and I have sold our current home and are moving across the street at the end of the month.  Fear not, we can still found on our Etsy shop, but our physical location is changing.  We are super excited, especially now that I will have a whole space dedicated to Stitch Silly instead of shared with my husband and our bedroom. 

The down side, I've had to pack away most of my fabric already.  Between packing and my current knitting projects I may not get to it before we move.  Sadness, but for now I am just knitting away!


  1. Hooray for dedicates space!!! Good luck with the move.

  2. Good luck with the move! Even just across the street, it's a major upheaval (and I've done it 30-odd times in 42 years of marriage!) Being married to an international journalist is as bad as being married to someone in the military!

    One tip, if I may. Do not start knitting, crafting or anything like that until you've unpacked, put away and thrown out the boxes! Otherwise, you could still have them around, in your way, this time next year!

    Look forward to seeing pictures of the new abode (and working studio) as and when!

  3. Thanks for the well wishes!

    Isobel, what a great idea. We are currently picking out the office desks and equipment. I'm super excited about the design process. My Pinterest boards are going crazy!


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