Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Begining to Feel Spooky

I am going on little sleep this morning and was not feeling very creative or inspired at all this morning until I started my morning reading on my iGoogle page.  I found this story on  Yes it is geek related, but it hits the nail on the head in terms of creating your kid's Halloween costume.  You'll have to hop on over there to see Dave Giancaspro's list. 

Now that we are officially in the week before Halloween, I'm starting to see several blog posts perk up about creating the perfect costume. 

Yesterday Livi Stitches blogged about how flattered she was that the people in her community thought she made her kids costumes this year. 

Release Me Create showed off some great ideas on some fun Halloween Costumes.

And finally, MsBittyKnacks is in a vampire mood this morning with her blog post.

Stop over and check out their thoughts on the upcoming spooktacklar day, but don't forget to leave a post here about your favorite Halloween costume as a kid. 

I'll start us off...Mine was the year I went as a 50's girl and my mom made me a poodle skirt!  (Thanks Mom!)


  1. As a dancer, when we were kids, each halloween costume was the previous June's recital costume without fail. As a grown-up, I dressed as a road one year with mini traffic signs and toy cars stitched to a black cat suit.

  2. Great post, checked out those pages! Wonderful stuff!

  3. OH I love the idea of a road for Halloween. I'm usually never that creative. I know, I own and run a creative business but I can't think of something witty to be for Halloween.

  4. Thanks for the mention & comment. My fav. costume for Halloween when I was a kid was as "she" Rambo; yep military pants, boots and all super funny;)


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