Thursday, January 12, 2012

Free Shipping, is it Worth It?

Image from Market My Shop
As I was skimming through the blogs I follow this week, I came across this article from Market My Shop.  Eric, is a marketing expert that also happens to have an Etsy shop.  I found his concept of pricing your products to include shipping costs an interesting approach.  I'm debating giving it a shot on some products to see how it goes, but am wary of doing is shop wide.

I'm curious if others have tried this type of pricing scheme.  How has it worked for you?  I realize it's not for everyone, but I think for my products, it is something that is feasible.  So give me some evidence to weigh the pros and cons!


  1. I made a typo the first time around! Including the shipping price separately makes sense to me, but the current Etsy listing process does not seem to allow it. When I've tried not to include it, when offering free shipping for instance, it's directed me back to the missing link - and buyers, taking advantage of the offer, have had to wait to have the charge refunded. A bit of a long way round, I feel.

    I'd happily include the postage in my full price - just show me how, please!

  2. Isobel, It's a matter of how you set your price for a product. Eric's example from his post spells it out pretty clearly:

    Fabulous Item
    Retail cost: $15
    Actual Domestic Shipping with Materials: $3
    International Shipping with Materials: $7
    Listing Price: $18 w/ Free Shipping
    International Shipping $4

    So instead of listing your item for $15 then showing that shipping is $3 domestically, you would just list your item for $18.


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