Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lazy Sunday's...sort of

This past Sunday I spent a few wonderful hours knitting a scarf I have been working for what seems like forever.  It's still not done.  Almost, just a few more rows, but not quite, yet.  The whole rare event was surprisingly peaceful, it's been a long time since I've had the opportunity to just sit and knit.

I have been so focused on building my inventory I haven't really sat back to really take it all in.  In our business, we live and die by what we create.  For many intensive purposes, we are judged on our own taste.  As artist, designers, crafts, what ever title you want to give yourself, we tend to create pieces that we would want in our home.  If our tastes don't match our customers taste then quite frankly we're sunk. 

Farm Animal Burp Cloth Set
I'm not sure about other Estian's out there, but I often wonder if what I am creating really worthwhile to others.  Then, I get the random purchase from someone I don't even know and it suddenly makes it all worth it. 
 Unfortunately, right now, those stranger purchases are few and far between for me.  Most of my sales are coming from people I know and custom orders.  For me it is a fine line to walk between a sure sale and a hope for one.  I'm trying to walk both right now.  Hopefully with my inventory build up we will succeed at both.  I will be posting the almost finished scarf soon and I am working on a few burp cloths that coordinate with my current farm animal prints burp cloths.  We should have some of these burp cloths finished this week.  Keep your eyes pealed for some new postings. 


  1. That's true that we create what we like, but if we create to please others than it becomes work. Your love for your projects will show through and others will soon appreciate your creative items.

    1. Such a good perspective, Sandy! Besides if all else fails, it's just going to stay in my house, so I might as well like it.


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